About Us

SilvanaSilvanaphotoSilvana’s Dessert Academy is run by Seattle-based pastry chef and dessert caterer Silvana Junge—a creative artisan with a passion for teaching children how to create delicious confections ranging from cakes to truffles. Silvana takes pride in running an environmentally friendly business, and only uses fresh, local and mostly organic ingredients, including eggs from her own free-range, organically fed chickens. Originally from Brazil, Silvana left a thriving career in dentistry to pursue creative passion in the art of making desserts. After graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle she worked for two years as the pastry chef at Tango Restaurant in downtown Seattle before deciding to tackle another lifelong dream: to launch her own business. As someone who has always enjoyed working with children, Silvana decided to open a specialty confection and baking academy along with her dessert catering company. Aside from the Academy she has taught classes and workshops at local schools including Evergreen, Meridian and Bertschi. As important as teaching kids lifelong kitchen skills, using the highest quality ingredients is a priority for Silvana. She uses as many organic and local ingredients as possible. Your child will learn to create delicious homemade desserts, and you will feel great about the high quality of everything they bring home… especially after you taste it!

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