Silvana’s Specialty Desserts

SilvanaThumbnail3LSilvana’s Desserts are not just for the kids! She also runs a dessert catering company and can provide mouth-watering, gourmet creations for any party or event. Her abundant creativity and willingness to work closely with customers means that the range of desserts she can create is almost endless. From exquisite wedding cakes and gift baskets to tarts and truffles Silvana will make sure your party is one guests won’t soon forget. Silvana bakes in the European style, meaning that your desserts won’t be over-the-top sweet, and just like in her dessert classes, she uses no artificial ingredients and incorporates as many local and organic elements as possible. Ordering is easy—just call and have a credit card ready; Silvana will work closely with you to create the dessert of your dreams.

Most wanted cakes:

Dark chocolate mousse torte  A flourless torte basically made out of Belgian chocolate, eggs and butter filled with a smooth airy chocolate mousse. Torte is decorated with chantilly and chocolate shavings.

Passion fruit cake DSC01800 Layers of vanilla cake infused with Grand Marnier sauce filled with Passion Fruit filling. Cake is decorated with fresh tropical fruits.

White chocolate berry  cake – Vanilla cake soaked with raspebrry liqueur and filled with alternating layers of marinated berries and white chocolate mousse. Cake is frosted wih Chantilly and decorated with fresh berries.

Chocolate Ganache Cake – Chocolate cake infused with Brandy syrup and layered with dark chocolate ganache. Cake is covered with Brandy chocolate glaze and decorate with shavings and fresh raspberries depending of seasonal availability.

Dark Chocolate Berry cake- Chocolate Sponge cake soaked with berry liqueur, layered with Dark Chocolate filling and topped with fresh mixed berries marinated and flambéed in raspberry liqueur . Decorated with fresh raspberries and chocolate decors.

Chantilly Vanilla cake- Vanilla Genoise Cake infused with light Grand Marnier syrup, layered with fresh whipped Chantilly and covered with marinated fresh strawberries. Cake is decorated with Chantilly and fresh strawberries


Hazelnut Frangelico tart- Hazelnut crust filled with Frangelico Dark Chocolate ganache decorated with Chantilly rosette and sprinkled with toasted hazelnuts

French Vanilla Berry Tart– Pate Sucree crust filled with French vanilla custard and topped with fresh seasonal berries

White Chocolate Crème Citron tart– Pate Sucree crust filled with a lemony white chocolate custard

Nutella Tart- Hazelnut crust filled with Nutella mousse and decorated with chocolate decors.

Lemon tart– Lemon Pate Sucree crust filled with lemon curd and topped with fresh whipped Chantilly

Lavender tart– Lavender infused tart crust filled with lavender pastry cream and topped with White Chocolate Chantilly

Passion fruit White Chocolate tart- Pate Sucree crust filled with a thin layer of white chocolate ganache, covered with Passion fruit custard and topped with Fresh whipped Chantilly

Cakes and tarts prices:

8″ cake – $65 10″ cake – $75 8″ tarts – $35 10″ tarts – $45