Silvana kids cooking classes are the best! She picks out quality recipes that are complex enough to engage and encourage the kids.
Everyone in the family looks forward to baking class days, so we can savor the results!

Our daughter has made several of Silvana’s recipes on her own at home, including a couple she has taken for bake sales.

Cristi Chapman

What does Silvana do that’s unique? She brings her love of baking to every project, and the class can’t help but join in the positive energy and the thrill of creating edible, delectably delicious beauty!
Our daughter has never looked forward to camp the way she does to Silvana’s! She comes home and wants to make what she’s learned; lately, she’s in full chocolate truffles mode!
Silvana brings irresistible enthusiasm to her teaching, and shares her excitement with the kids in such a way that they come away confident of creating all sorts of delicious desserts.
The care which Silvana takes in planning projects for her classes is evident in every detail. The cakes and ice cream that come home are simply breathtaking; from the stunning decorations and colors, to the exquisite flavors.